29 Mar

Moving your loved one into assisted living can be hard for everyone involved, here are a few questions to ask Assisted Living communities:

  1. What is the staffing to resident ratio?
  2. Do you have assisted living and memory care?
  3. Are all meals prepared on-site?
  4. Are staff onsite 24/7?
  5. Can staff administer medications and assist with daily activities of living?
  6. Do you have nurses on staff?
  7. Do you have a have a diabetic program?
  8. What kinds of diets do you provide (for example no added salt, pureed, mechanical soft)?
  9. Can my loved one age in place? When will he or she be asked to move out?
  10. Do you complete an assessment before moving in?
  11. What is the monthly rate for an apartment?
  12. Do you have shared or private apartments?
  13. What is the process to get on the waitlist?
  14. Is there a community fee?
  15. Do you have transportation for doctor’s appointments?
  16. Do you have a van with a lift?
  17. What kinds of activities do you have in place for residents?
  18. Do you assist with the completion of long term care paperwork?
  19. What additional services are available?
  20. What is your billing policy?
  21. What is included in the monthly rent?
  22. Do you offer hospice and end of life care?

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